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Meet Michaela

Welcome to Girls Thriving! I’m Michaela and I am so glad you found your way here. I am a mum of four daughters (14, 12, 11 and 6), one of five daughters myself, an auntie to half a dozen nieces, and a pseudo-auntie to a few more! I am surrounded by girls, which is just as I love it.

I am deeply passionate about helping our girls thrive. I believe that the foundations we lay in the early years help to build confident, capable and resilient teenagers. From tots to teens, I have you covered!

The resources on this website will help you nurture the social and emotional well-being of your daughter. Here you will find tips, resources and support to help your daughter thrive in learning and in life. I am so pleased to welcome you to my girl mama community.

About Girls Thriving

Girls Thriving offers parents of daughters relatable insight and guidance on how to raise confident girls – from everyday opportunities for connection to tricky times and girl challenges. Girls Thriving is committed to providing practical support, tools and tips to empower young girls and support their parents.

Through online programs and connection events, Girls Thriving helps girls navigate the often turbulent tween and teen years to become confident, calm and connected adults. We help girls THRIVE.

Girls Thriving is aimed at helping parents raise calm, capable and confident girls with a focus on the tricky and turbulent tween/teen years. Follow along for tips on how to navigate the mother/daughter relationship, body image, self-esteem, screen time, friendship issues and a heap more.

Guest Podcast

I was thrilled to be a guest on The Couch Confidential podcast. We discussed many topics relevant to mums of girls today, including body images, social media, friendships, and the rise of anxiety in kids. In this episode I share my top tips for raising girls who THRIVE.


“Your support has certainly helped me deal with a challenging parenting moment & given me strength, which in turn gave my daughter strength to face her fears head on.  I love that you are so supportive & caring of your readers. In fact, it feels like you're more of a friend rather than someone I "follow" on social media. I love that.”

Purdie, mum of 3.

“I loved your podcast on Couch Confidentials because it was so interesting, current and held really valuable information. You have such a calming voice and you are honestly a wealth of knowledge. I’m sure many people will follow you and your businesses will thrive because of it.”

Chantalle, mum of two

“I listened to your podcast whilst out walking this morning and related on so many levels having two daughters myself. Thank you for imparting your wealth of knowledge. I especially loved your input re extra curricular activities and think that’s spot on. I’ve scribbled a page of notes to refer back to. Really looking forward to your own podcast next year.”

Brooke, mum of two.

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