Usually, I like to do book roundups here, but this title deserves a review of its own.

If you have a daughter aged 8-12, School for Nobodies by Susie Bower is an absolute delight.

I bought it for my 10-year-old who is not a voracious reader, but nor is she a reluctant reader. She enjoys reading but she’s hasn’t inherited the bookworm gene, like her older sister.

Miss 10 devoured this book in under a week, declaring it “her favourite book” of all time. Big call…

School for Nobodies Review

School For Nobodies Book

I was intrigued so I offered to read it to my 9-year-old. They share a bedroom and even though they are both competent readers, they find it comforting when I read to them.

We just finished reading it and I can see the appeal. I adored everything about Susie Bower’s enchanting debut! Bursting with magic and mystery, School of Nobodies explores themes of friendship, courage and identity.Miss 9 loved it so much she is reading it herself now.

Imbued with intrigue and humour, School for Nobodies is a delightful novel about the beauty of not fitting in. Some of the characters are a little quirky, which adds to the humour of the book.

Here’s a little summary of the plot:

Until she was 10, Flynn didn’t even know her real name. Her adoptive parents have always kept her past a secret, but one mysterious note transforms her world and sets her on a path to discover who she really is.

How did she get the burn that covers most of her face? And could she really have a twin?

Packed off to a boarding school for misfits, Flynn tries to adjust to the unfair rules and stomach-churning soup while making friends with her unusual classmates. All the while, she receives more cryptic messages that slowly bring her closer to her true identity.

School for Nobodies Book Review

I asked Miss 10 to share her thoughts on the book. Here’s what she said:

“The School for Nobodies is an inspirational and mysterious book which has a great storyline, and every chapter makes you want to read more. The characters have lots of unique passions and different personalities, and this book teaches you that no matter what happens, you should always follow your dreams. You will always have someone there for you.

The School for Nobodies has not only a mysterious plot but has hidden meanings within the book. My favourite part is when Mr Gold tells stories about the circus to Flynn, and I always wanted to hear what happens next and find out more about Flynn and Mr Gold’s pasts. The School for Nobodies is my favourite book of all time and I encourage lots of other people to read it too.”

High praise indeed…

This is a book that deserves a permanent place on your daughter’s bookshelf. You can purchase it here and grab a second copy while you’re at it to give as a gift. If you’re after more book recommendations for this age group, try Sick Bay and What Stars Are Made Of.

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