I am so excited to bring you this review of the “A Kids Book About” series. These are kids books that matter. A Kids Book About is built on the belief that kids are ready to have challenging, important and empowering conversations. Authors from all kinds of backgrounds and identities explore themes like Racism, Creativity, Feminism, Body Image, Failure and Anxiety.

A Kids Book About Anxiety

Kids Books That Matter: Books that will stimulate important conversations

I could not love these books more!

These gorgeous books talk to kids—not down to them. They are honest and don’t shy away from the most difficult aspects of each topic. The emphasis is on words to convey a clear message, not illustrations.

Anxiety is something we discuss very openly in our house (given two of my daughters’ experience anxiety) and so we have added the A Kids Book About Anxiety to our bookshelves and our Anxiety Toolkit. I also bought the Gratitude Book, as being grateful is an important family value of ours. And during the past year, we have tried to manage anxiety with gratitude, so these books complement each other.

I found both books particularly relevant right now when kids are dealing with a lot of changes, and parents are too! 

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My 10-year-old felt reassured reading about another child’s experience with anxiety. It helped her see she is not alone. It is also great for her sisters to read and understand what anxiety can look and feel like.

A Kids Book Aout Gratitude is delightful read. It explores what it means to be grateful, not just for the big things, but the small things, too, like dinner, a cosy bed and a sunny day. It doesn’t teach kids how to pretend like everything is always OK. It teaches them how to change their perspectives and to see gratitude as a superpower! I am ever hopeful that the gratitude book will help my youngest child, who, like most 3-year-olds is pretty self-centred!

Books that matter

I am buying some more for Christmas gifts and there’s a bucket load to choose from, but I am particular keen on A Kids Book About Racism, White Privilege, Feminism and Failure. Right now they have a bundle deal, so if you’re looking for a unique and impactful gift, these books get my stamp of approval.

Suitable for ages 5+. Head to the A Kids Book About website now and use CODE: GT2021 at checkout to get your discount.

And please, let me know which ones you purchase. I would love to know!