Let’s talk periods.

Do you remember when you first got your period? I do. I was 14 when I first got mine. I remember waking up on a Sunday morning for competition tennis when I noticed a strange colour loosely resembling blood on my knickers.

My mum, wonderful in every aspect of motherhood, but terrible at puberty stuff, told me to get a pad from the pantry and did I need Panadol? That was the extent of our conversation.

She then drove me to tennis, where I played three sets of tennis, acutely aware of the large “surfboard” in my undies. I hated it. My mum never mentioned it again.

After using pads for a while I nervously progressed to tampons. I was filled with dread and fear the first time. I studied the instruction booklet HARD, and Toxic Shock Syndrome sounded SCARY!

For years, decades even, I used tampons as there weren’t many other options. Now, of course, there are many environmentally friendly and convenient alternatives.

Of all the available options, period underwear piqued my interest.

I am going to admit I was a little sceptical. Particularly given my period has gotten heavier with age…just another unpleasant side effect of getting older. Sigh.

I tried Modibodi period pants, and I haven’t looked back.

Total. Gamechanger.

But before I tell you more about them, let’s look first at what these period pants are all about…


What are Period Pants?

Period pants, or period underwear, are designed to be worn in place of pads and tampons for the duration of your period. For some people they can replace other sanitary products entirely, while for others they are a reassuring back-up.

And the best part? They are eco-friendly!

What is Modibodi?

Modibodi is the premiere brand of period underwear in Australia and New Zealand. The brand is Australian, scientifically supported, and offers a range of products suitable for everyday wear.

Yes, every day! Not just for your period, the Modibodi range also includes:

  • Moisture wicking undies to wick away perspiration
  • Underwear for light bladder leakage (ummmmm….I’ve birthed four babies, just saying)
  • Period pants to suit flows from light, to heavy, to overnight.

The Modibodi range also includes swimwear, maternity wear, and vegan underwear, and recently they launched eco-friendly nappies.


Red by Modibodi

Red by Modibodi includes Hipster Boyshort and Hipster Bikini period underwear in plain black or patterns, with the constantly evolving range now also including period swimwear. The main fabric of Modibodi Red is cotton with the absorbent liner comprised of merino wool, spandex and polyester.

Modibodi: My Review

Initially, the idea of free-bleeding into underwear seemed a little risky if I am honest. But I know that tampons can take up to 500 years to decompose, so I wanted to give green a go!

The first time I wore Modibodi pants I was a little apprehensive, but I needn’t have worried. The moderate absorbency lasted a full day – no unpleasant odours, no unpleasant wetness. I felt clean, dry and comfortable all day long.

Rinsing after wearing wasn’t an issue – I just rinsed in the shower and job done.

My advice would be to be careful with sizing and ensure it’s a snug fit. I would also highly recommend the Red range for your tween and teen daughters. 6-8 pairs would be a good start.

Modibodi for the WIN!

Why Modibodi is great for girls

• They are comfortable, convenient, stylish and odourless
• Environmentally friendly
• Look just like normal underwear
• Don’t bunch up like pads
• Perfect fit means no leakage
• Can be worn any day, not just period days
• Thin gusset (only 3mm thick) so you don’t get that “pad” feeling
• You feel constantly dry and ‘clean’ all day
• No need to excuse yourself from the classroom to check you haven’t leaked or to change your pad.

If your daughter is approaching the time of her first period (and let’s remember that some girls are getting their first period as young as 9 or 10), period underwear is the perfect product to help her feel secure.

Include some Modibod pants in your daughter’s Period Kit so that she won’t get ‘caught out’ at school or on school camp. They’re also ideal for everyday wear during those first few periods when timing can be a little unpredictable.

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Enjoy your Modibodi shopping experience. You won’t look back.

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Does it feel like you are wearing a nappy? No. Although the crotch does have extra padding, I’ve never felt uncomfortable. Nothing like the surfboards of my vintage!

Do I need to wear a pad or tampon when I wear them? Modibodi underwear can be a total replacement for disposable products (liners, pads, tampons) OR can work in conjunction with them. It’s all about knowing your flow, and which absorbency level suits you best.

Would these be good for teens? Yes. Absolutely yes! The ModiBodi underwear’s moisture wicking, absorbent, stain and odour resistant technology is an amazing back up to ensure they’ll never have to fear a period leak.

Are they good for light bladder leaks? Yes! They are breathable, odour resistant, super absorbent, leak-proof, stain resistant, and wick moisture away from your skin so you feel dry and fresh all day.

Have you tried period underwear? If you have any questions, comment below and I’ll be sure to respond…